Basic Norms

  1. We do not hurt anyone - neither through words nor through deeds.

  2. We respect ourselves and each other.

  3. We resepect our property, the property of others as well as the one of the Seehaus Leonberg.

  4. We participate actively and positively in the Seehaus Leonberg and in the group process.

  5. We take on responsibility for ourselves, for others and for the Seehaus Leonberg.

  6. We will not do anything that will put ourselves or the Seehaus Leonberg in a bad light.

  7. We treat each other politely and with respect.

  8. We do not take illegal drugs, we do not accept drugs or given them to others.

  9. We follow the norms and rules of the Seehaus Leonberg.

  10. We confront in order to help, not to hurt.

  11. We accept confrontation and critics.

  12. We do not leave the property of the Seehaus Leonberg without explicit permission of staff.

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